High quality information, advice and guidance is critical to help you make the right decisions when it comes to recruitment and staff development.

We want to see employers succeed and job seekers thrive.

The services we offer can help you:

  • understand our cost-free employment recruitment services
  • know what information candidates should be sharing
  • provide return-to-work guidance for employees
  • organise free training and learning opportunities for your eligible workers
  • modify your workplace environment to accommodate and retain employees with a disability
  • support staff suffering from mental health issues
  • access a mix of formal and informal local networks
  • identify employment strategies to stabilise high-turnover jobs
  • access news and information about local initiatives, government-funded incentives, staff training, and workforce development strategies

WISE Ability can guide businesses interested in developing and implementing a Diversity and Equality recruitment programme.

WISE Ability builds the capacity and confidence of employers to provide healthy and responsive work environments for all staff.

We are an accredited Disability leader, acting as a champion for Disability Confident within our local and business communities. We encourage and support other businesses to become Disability Confident. In doing so, we are showing disabled people that we are leading the way in getting every business to become Disability Confident.

We can provide specialist assistance in providing adjustments and support for employees with disability, injury, and health conditions, including people who have mental health conditions, as well as recent arrivals, younger workers, and older workers.

Join our employer partners who recognise the value of inclusive, flexible workplaces and are committed to creating employment opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds.

If this sounds like something that would suit you or someone you know, please call 0300 303 3777 or register your interest. If you are passing by a WISE Ability office, feel free to pop in and have a chat with our friendly staff – we’d love to see you!