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WISE Ability is a not-for-profit employment services provider that matches reliable job seekers with employers across England. If you need motivated staff who are ready to be part of your team, you’ve come to the right place.

Our dedicated employment specialists know that for your business to flourish, you need the right people in the right roles. Whether your business is small, large, or somewhere in the middle, people are at the heart of it.

We also realise that recruitment can be a big-ticket item, but not with us. Our employment services, including recruitment, are free.

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We provide a range of specialist employer programmes and services from our network of offices across England. You can expect professional service from our passionate and skilled staff who are ready to assist you.

Our services help you match the right candidate to the right job, at no cost to you.

As an Employer partner, we support every step of your recruitment process.

We know that your business is like no other and customise our services to meet your needs – at zero cost to you. Questions? Read on to find out more about our services.

How we can help your business

  • Formulate a job description based on your business needs
  • Help prepare a vacancy advertisement to quickly attract the right candidate
  • Save you time by screening, interviewing, and preparing a shortlist
  • Conduct pre-employment checks for preferred candidates
  • Help onboard the successful candidate with induction, mentoring, and
    workplace equipment modifications
  • Provide in-work support to ensure everyone is happy, long-term

Ensuring a productive workplace

  • To ensure a great fit, we can arrange training to bridge any skill gaps we identify
  • We offer Diversity & Equality Training and awareness programmes to assist you, management, and the broader team
  • We can deploy targeted industry training to upskill employees if needed
  • To accommodate and retain employees with disability, we can assist with any
    workplace modifications that might be necessary

Additional support

  • Invitations to attend Health and Safety briefings
  • Assisting you to identify employment strategies to stabilise high-turnover jobs
  • Providing job creation and job design services
  • News and information about local initiatives, government-funded incentives,
    staff training and workforce development strategies
  • Invitations to participate in job expos connecting local employers with local

Increase diversity through your recruitment practices with the help of WISE Ability

Are you an employer?

Join our employer partners who recognise the value of inclusive, flexible workplaces and are committed to creating employment opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, including people who have a disability, people who have mental health conditions, recent arrivals, younger workers, and older workers.

WISE Ability builds the capacity and confidence of employers to provide healthy and responsive work environments for all staff. Additionally, we can provide specialist assistance in providing adjustments and support for employees with disability, injury, and health conditions.

Give someone the chance they’ve been waiting for. Our job seekers are keen to contribute to the workforce and achieve results for your business.

Employing people with disability comes with many advantages

You might be surprised to know that just under one in five people in the UK have a limiting long-term illness, impairment, or disability, so it is likely that you already have someone with a disability in your team 1. This might be a physical disability, intellectual disability, long-term illness, or a mental health condition. In fact, it’s likely you have someone with a disability working for you right now.

Research2 shows that there are many benefits to employing people with a disability, including:

  • People with a disability take fewer days off
  • People with disability have fewer H&S problems
  • People with a disability stay with their employers longer than other staff

It’s all about what people can do. Like anyone, people with disability bring skills, experience, and education. The key is finding the right job fit.

(1) Office of National Statistics Census, Health Disabled People, November 2011.

(2) Graffam et al. (2002a). Factors that influence employer decisions in hiring and retaining an employee with a disability. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, Vol 17, pp. 175-181, IOS Press, Netherlands.

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