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Benefits of employing someone with a disability

Six things you might not know about hiring a person with disability:

Many employers are surprised to learn that having a disability can be as diverse as experiencing vision or hearing impairment, having a long-term illness, a learning difficulty, or other health condition.

Just under one in five people in the UK have a limiting long-term illness, impairment, or disability, so it is likely that you already have someone with a disability in your team 1.

For those of working age in the UK, the total number of people with a disability is over four million. Because it generally doesn’t impact their work, most people just don’t think of it that way1.

Staff who have a disability can be a real asset and even improve productivity. People with disabilities can be strong role models for younger staff, they take fewer sick days, and have less health and safety issues1.

Investing time and resources into training staff who have disabilities is a good move, as they are loyal team members. Businesses experience higher retention rates for those with disabilities2.

Many people with disabilities have the ability, skills, education, and experience necessary to succeed. Just like other job seekers, the important thing is getting the right fit.

(1) Office for National Statistics Census, Health Disabled People, November 2015.

(2) Graffam et al. (2002a). Factors that influence employer decisions in hiring and retaining an employee with a disability. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, Vol 17, pp. 175-181, IOS Press, Netherlands.

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