Information, Advice & Guidance


WISE Ability support people to engage in education and training opportunities, job opportunities and how to go about getting work, through our independent and high-quality Information, Careers Advice, Guidance (IAG), and Counselling. We concentrate on those who are not in education, training, or employment, including people with learning difficulties, disabilities and other disadvantages.

IAG supports individual learners to:

  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem, fostering motivation, resilience and belief to respond positively to employability challenges and opportunities
  • Identify personal skills, knowledge, abilities, strengths, and developmental needs
  • Explore attainable career goals and determine best suited job options
  • Access reliable information to make well-informed choices about skills and training as a route to employment
  • Make plans to achieve education, training and career goals
  • Develop and update job skills and/or gain qualifications, through a range of courses
  • Identify job opportunities, contact employers, prepare a CV, compile a portfolio, prepare for interviews, and networking.
  • Access to resources such as job search tools
  • Develop a foundation for lifelong learning

WISE Ability is Matrix Accredited, the quality mechanism for IAG.

Matrix; Quality standard for information, advice and guidance services