Supporting people through skills and training

Skills & Training

We understand that each person has a unique level of experience and ability within the workforce. WISE Ability Skills & Training is a registered training service that provides tailored programmes to participants from a range of backgrounds. As the training arm of WISE Ability, we help you acquire the skills you need to land a job, provide you with the support to keep the job, and help you build the confidence to improve your life.


As part of our range of services, including Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW), WISE Ability provides support for people who are interested in study and completing qualifications, to either bring them closer to employment or to progress within their current employment.

We offer a range of courses with appropriate levels of personalised support, matched to customers’ needs and goals. WISE Ability provides both accredited and non-accredited training, with qualified and experienced trainers. Our training is industry specific and tailored to the requirements and expectations of employers.

We frequently network with local businesses to ensure our training programmes are addressing the most sought-after skills from employers looking for capable staff within their community.

Individual training

We offer nationally accredited courses that are relevant to various industries, as well as providing ongoing support from our high-quality trainers.

Training is an important part of career progression and employment opportunities. We aim to empower individuals through a range of accredited training, with options to participate in flexible short courses and programmes. WISE Ability provides participants with opportunities and connections to various industries, whilst providing a tailored approach for each individual.

Developing your skills

In recent times, the workforce has become much more dynamic. Requirements from legislative bodies and employers must be met through formal, up-to-date training qualifications.

There are a range of significant benefits to reap through the development of your skills with tailored training including:

Increased employment opportunities

The current job market is very competitive. Upskilling and building on your existing knowledge through training is proven to increase employment opportunities across various industries. You can increase the number of opportunities available to you by completing a training course, which is often also required for entry level roles.

Increased career development opportunities

Growth within a role is often very important to individuals. When we expand our knowledge within our field, we experience more engagement and job satisfaction. In many cases, employers look to promote staff from within who are motivated to learn and demonstrate a proactive approach to upskilling. By participating in further training, new opportunities for promotion can be achieved.

Opportunities for personal growth

Our training programmes facilitate opportunities to develop skills that can be transferred across various roles and industries. You will learn valuable skills, ranging from communication to negotiation, which will also enhance your ability to achieve personal goals.

Increased industry knowledge

Our trainers have extensive knowledge in their fields and ensure they are continuously updating their industry knowledge. They can provide you with exclusive insider tips to grow your skills in your chosen area.

Team support and training for employers

We understand that skilled employees are more productive and have a higher rate of retention. WISE Ability aims to provide unique solutions to businesses, through partnering and working with you to understand your business goals. We work with you to help you train and retain valuable employees.

Staff development

Staff who are given opportunities to grow within their role are likely to have higher morale, resulting in less absenteeism and decreased staff turnover.

Autonomous teams

When staff are confident in their roles, they require less supervision. This results in proactive teams that seek to problem solve, allowing management to focus on important goals such as business growth and long-term viability.

Reduced likeliness of accidents

Staff that are trained in practices and procedures are less likely to experience workplace accidents.

Staff retention

Staff that have the opportunity to upskill will feel valued by their employer – this results in increased staff retention and employee satisfaction. Employers reap the benefits by saving on recruitment costs and preventing loss of company knowledge.

Improved succession planning

It is more cost effective to promote staff from within the company, rather than hiring externally. Highly skilled staff hold valuable company knowledge, which is a great resource to the organisation.

Increased quality and productivity

Staff that are confident in their roles are more efficient and provide a higher quality of output. This means companies with skilled staff can save time, money, and resources.

The training team at WISE Ability have extensive experience working with employers across various industries. We are committed to providing an exceptional training service to employees and employers alike, where we seek to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals.

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