Young People

If you are aged 19-24 and need assistance preparing for work, finding work, and maintaining work, we can assist you.

Our flexible individualised approach supports young people to gain the skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job.

Our programmes and services are tailored to meet your individual employment goals.

This may include:

  • Career coaching, exploring different career paths that match your interests
  • Exploring your personal attributes and identifying your transferable skills
  • Developing your formal and informal employment networks
  • Work experience in employment providing you the opportunity to demonstrate skills and fit to employers
  • Job skills and employability skills training
  • Enrolling in study
  • Volunteering, which could lead to paid employment
  • Exploring and applying for job vacancies
  • Resume writing, job application, and interview skills
  • Building confidence needed to find and maintain employment
  • Navigating apprenticeships

WISE Ability can assist you with required work-related and ongoing costs which may include transportation, clothing or uniform, training, industry specific licenses, and job specific tools or equipment.

Our employment programmes and services provided to young job seekers specialise in a spectrum of disabilities, health conditions, and other issues young people face due to being vulnerable and disadvantaged. For example, those estranged from their parents or guardians, ex-offenders, or living away from home1.

(1) Wording adopted from the OECD, Youth and COVID-19: Response, recovery and resilience, 2020