About WISE Ability

Our Mission Statement

WISE Ability Limited has a proud history of supporting those in our communities who are disadvantaged or have a disability, to find and keep employment.

Our mission

“Guiding and Inspiring people to realise their potential and achieve fulfilling vocational goals”.

WISE Ability assists customers to develop important life skills, work ready skills, strategies and confidence to overcome their challenges and barriers, as a means for achieving positive outcomes in education, training, employment and personal well being, and supporting employers to enable this.

Our vision

“Enriching the community: empowerment through employment”

Wise Ability
Wise Ability
Our History

The WISE Ability Story

WISE Ability Limited has a proud history of supporting those in our communities who are disadvantaged or have a disability, to find and keep employment.

We are a dynamic, innovative and growing charitable organisation founded by Australian not-for-profit organisation WISE Employment in 2009.

In 2016, WISE Ability acquired Campbell Page UK Ltd. Today, our services span across  the Midlands, Yorkshire, the South West and Dorset and we are just getting started.

Services We Offer

Employment support services


National Careers Service (Advice and Guidance) – helping equip customers with free information and resources to identify career goals, explore the job market, update skills, connect with relevant services, and plan and manage their journey through learning, work and careers of interest. WISE delivers this service on behalf of Adviza.

We work with a network of thousands of employers to meet their recruitment needs and staffing requirements.

Other services We Offer

Training Services

We offer a range of courses with appropriate levels of personalised support, matching customers’ needs and goals.

Mental Health Recovery Services

WISE Choices (Link to (WISE Choices) - assisting people with mental illness to live, work and thrive in their community. Recovery Hub Staffordshire - supporting people on their journey toward mental health recovery.

Social Enterprises

Edisons and Food 4 Thought - offering supported, transitional employment and adding substantial value to our communities.

Reintegration of ex-offenders

National Offender Management Services - helping put offenders and ex-offenders on the right path through training, employment and other support services, in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside on behalf of APM.

“Social and Environmental Sustainability and Equity policy”

Community investments - we invest surplus funds into innovative projects and programmes that benefit the most marginalised and under-supported members of our community, and take responsibility for our environment.

Respect for human rights - our service reflects our commitment for human rights, advocating for the most disadvantaged in our communities, and people who have disabilities, helping to remove barriers and encourage choice, inclusion and independence.

Our Partners

Wise Ability Partners

We work with a range of community organisations, government agencies, local industry and commerce and training groups who are experts at what they do. Find out more about becomming a parnter

Case Studies

WISE Ability provide training, employment and related support services, and outcomes for people with disabilities
and those facing multiple barriers to employment.

Some of our customers share their story.

Struggling with severe symptoms of agoraphobia, Gemma lacked confidence, was non-verbal and highly anxious about communicating, to the point where she could not leave her own home without the company of her friend. Eighteen months later, and with the help of WISE Ability’s Work Programme, Gemma is now able to travel to and from her appointments and engage in her community independently.

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Customer - Work Programme

For many years Martin battled drug addiction and was on the path to becoming a career criminal. He found his way back from the brink and now empowers others in his role as Trainee Branch Coordinator with WISE Ability where he gives powerful insight into positive change to disadvantaged people and those with disability.

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Trainee Branch Co-ordinator