WISE Ability helps you find and keep meaningful work. Our services are cost-free to eligible customers and tailored to meet your needs and circumstances. Our customers are from different backgrounds and stages of life. Our skilled and dedicated staff can assist you with most challenges and want to help you become self-sufficient through employment.

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Who we help

Our customers are from different backgrounds and walks of life. Our staff specialise in the unique needs of people with disability, and/or health conditions and disadvantages such as, economically inactive, long term unemployed, at risk youth, people with mental illness, people aged 50 plus, homeless, individuals from diverse and under-represented communities, victims of domestic abuse and current and ex-prisoners.

How we help

Our dedicated and highly trained staff help people to find jobs and become self sufficient through employment.

From our first meeting we aim to build a trusting partnership with you. We understand that everyone has different levels of experience and ability. Depending on your circumstances we offer as little or as much assistance as you need. We take time to understand your circumstances and support needs.

Our support focuses on helping you to:

  • Access and connect to a range of services
  • Develop skills, confidence and/or resilience needed to live and thrive in the community
  • Identify personal and career goals, explore the job market, where the jobs are and what type of work you want to do
  • Develop and update job skills and/or gain qualifications, through a range of courses with appropriate levels of support that best suit your needs and goals
  • Undertake personalised job coaching, from staff with local knowledge and specialist employment skills
  • Connect with potential employers and supporting you throughout the recruitment process
  • Identify modifications to the work place that may be required

Once employment is secured we continue working with you to assist with maintaining employment. We source over 5,000 job opportunities a year

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Case Studies

WISE Ability provide training, employment and related support services, and outcomes for people with disabilities
and those facing multiple barriers to employment.

Some of our customers share their story.

Struggling with severe symptoms of agoraphobia, Gemma lacked confidence, was non-verbal and highly anxious about communicating, to the point where she could not leave her own home without the company of her friend. Eighteen months later, and with the help of WISE Ability’s Work Programme, Gemma is now able to travel to and from her appointments and engage in her community independently.

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Customer - Work Programme

For many years Martin battled drug addiction and was on the path to becoming a career criminal. He found his way back from the brink and now empowers others in his role as Trainee Branch Coordinator with WISE Ability where he gives powerful insight into positive change to disadvantaged people and those with disability.

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Trainee Branch Co-ordinator