With our partners we are able to positively change the lives of many customers through employment. WISE Ability has been working very closely with companies such as, G4S, Serco, APM, Remploy, and Shaw Trust over the years to deliver programmes and services. As well as the individual organisations listed above we have a variety of important partnerships with government agencies, local authorities, community services, and support groups etc, without which we would not be able to achieve our mission.


WISE Ability has been a trusted partner of Serco since 2011, delivering the Work Programme, as a sub-contractor. Serco is an international service company which combines commercial know-how with a deep public services ethos. We are currently delivering Skills Support for the Workforce in Swindon and Wiltshire on behalf of Serco.

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WISE Ability has worked closely with G4S delivering the Work Programme over many years in the North West Region.  The Work Programme supports people who are in receipt of benefit to move towards sustainable employment.

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Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust is a major charity in UK helping disabled and disadvantaged to prepare for work, find jobs and live more independently. WISE Ability works as a sub-contractor to Shaw Trust delivering Work Choice in the South Yorkshire Region, and has recently started delivering the Work and Health Programme in Warwickshire.

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Rehab Job Fit

WISE Ability is a subcontractor to Rehab JobFit on the Work Programme.  The Work Programme has been designed to support benefit claimants into sustainable employment across the South West of England.

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WISE Ability delivers Work Programme in South West England as a sub-contractor to Learndirect.  The Work Programme supports customers on benefit to obtain sustainable employment.

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Staffordshire Recovery Hub Partners

In partnership with Mental Health Matters, Making Space, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust we deliver the Staffordshire Recovery Hub providing proactive and recovery focused, advice, support and services to people experiencing significant mental health challenges.

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Advanced Personnel Management (APM)

WISE Ability has a strong relationship with Advanced Personnel Management who have entrusted us with the important responsibility of helping put offenders and ex-offenders on the right path through training, employment and other support services, in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside as part of APM’s contract for National Offender Management Services CFO 3.

Department for Work and Pensions

WISE Ability has been a longstanding supply chain partner in many varied DWP funded programmes.  The programmes delivered have reached the hardest to help, and most disadvantaged customer groups.

HM Prison and Probation Service

Working closely with our Prime on the NOMS CFO3 contract, WISE Ability is working in custody and the community to provide support to offenders to address social inclusion barriers.

Education and Skills Funding Agency

WISE Ability delivers Skills Support for the Workforce programme as a subcontractor to Serco on behalf of the Education and Skills Funding Agency, across Staffordshire, Swindon and Wiltshire and Dorset areas.

Jobcenter Plus

Jobcentre Plus has always been a key partner in the delivery of our contracts, and programmes.  We have worked closely with JCP and utilised them as a key referral partner for our contracts, and have developed strong relationships with them over the years.

Case Studies

WISE Ability provide training, employment and related support services, and outcomes for people with disabilities
and those facing multiple barriers to employment.

Some of our customers share their story.

Struggling with severe symptoms of agoraphobia, Gemma lacked confidence, was non-verbal and highly anxious about communicating, to the point where she could not leave her own home without the company of her friend. Eighteen months later, and with the help of WISE Ability’s Work Programme, Gemma is now able to travel to and from her appointments and engage in her community independently.

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Customer - Work Programme

For many years Martin battled drug addiction and was on the path to becoming a career criminal. He found his way back from the brink and now empowers others in his role as Trainee Branch Coordinator with WISE Ability where he gives powerful insight into positive change to disadvantaged people and those with disability.

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Trainee Branch Co-ordinator