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Campbell Page UK becomes part of WISE Ability

WISE Ability Limited is a dynamic, innovative and growing UK-based charity. WISE Ability’s mission is to assist the most disadvantaged members of the community to develop essential skills, provide support to gain and maintain work, improve wellbeing and assist employers to enable this.

As part of WISE Ability’s national growth strategy we are delighted to announce that Campbell Page UK Limited has been acquired by WISE Ability.

Campbell Page UK is an experienced and well-established employment service specialist with offices across the south west of England. They have achieved high performance, demonstrating quality service and outcomes delivered to their customers with excellent value for money.

WISE Ability and Campbell Page share similar histories of providing employment services and improving the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. The mission, values and cultures of WISE Ability and Campbell Page are also aligned.

Both organisations have quickly earned an excellent reputation in delivering programmes such as Work Programme, Work Choice and Community Work Placements. Both have a range of diverse services underpinned by a number of successful UK and international employability and cohort strategies.

The integration of Campbell Page into WISE Ability will provide an effective vehicle for WISE Ability to expand employment services nationally delivering high quality and high performing services.

Over time the services of WISE Ability and Campbell Page will be integrated. This integration comes at a time when the employment services industry is becoming increasingly competitive and resource intensive. The deepening of capacity and increased scale provides a strong footing for WISE Ability to take advantage of future opportunities.
WISE Ability is delighted to secure the skills of Mary Cripps-Warwick former CEO of Campbell Page, and Kerry Hart, Head of Operations for Campbell Page who will be joining the WISE Ability team.

Mary will serve in an advisory capacity to WISE Ability and brings considerable expertise in the international employment services area. Mary is Vice-Chair of the Institute of Employability Professionals, a member of the Institute of Directors, and an active ERSA member.

Kerry Hart has vast experience with Campbell Page and will continue to ensure current contracts and services are delivered to the highest standard.

WISE Ability CEO, Kay Sutton, said “the combined strength of WISE Ability and Campbell Page will enable us to further develop and integrate employment services, health services, and social enterprises to create a more dynamic organisation for the future benefit of key stakeholders and positively change the lives of those we serve”.

Case Studies

WISE Ability provide training, employment and related support services, and outcomes for people with disabilities
and those facing multiple barriers to employment.

Some of our customers share their story.

Struggling with severe symptoms of agoraphobia, Gemma lacked confidence, was non-verbal and highly anxious about communicating, to the point where she could not leave her own home without the company of her friend. Eighteen months later, and with the help of WISE Ability’s Work Programme, Gemma is now able to travel to and from her appointments and engage in her community independently.

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Customer - Work Programme

For many years Martin battled drug addiction and was on the path to becoming a career criminal. He found his way back from the brink and now empowers others in his role as Trainee Branch Coordinator with WISE Ability where he gives powerful insight into positive change to disadvantaged people and those with disability.

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Trainee Branch Co-ordinator